Due For Something New - Chad Warren
Old School - Chad Warren
Hold On - - Chad Warren (feat. Jesse Napoletan)
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Chad Album

Have you ever had a moment when you were telling someone what you're going through and after their response you wish you hadn't said anything at all? 
Have you heard this before? 
"I woulda.. you shoulda.. you coulda" 
"I feel so sorry for you"
"you think you have it bad, let me tell you what I've been through"
blah blah blah a bunch of advice 
Yea me too.
I've experienced this time and time again. It's one sure way for me to isolate and not let anyone in.  If you can relate this music is for you.
 I believe empathy is extremely valuable. Sometimes all I need is an open ear and to know that I am not the crazy and the only one that feels this way. 
This MUSIC is DESIGNED to listen to you. 

I need music.

Are you someone that can't imagine living without music?
Is it essential to who you are and how you live your life?
Has music been there for you in a way no one has?
If you are anything like me I'm guessing your answer might be yes.
I write/ play/ listen to music because I need it. It's like the air I breathe. Can you relate? 
The music I make has my fingerprint on every single aspect from writing, mixing and mastering to design and marketing. Don't get me wrong I do not do this alone. I have an amazing team that I am forever grateful for, but I do not take shortcuts, I take extra care to insure the integrity of my work.
If you're like me don't settle, find what makes you tick don't stop. Ever.
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About Me


I am definitely rooted in soul and blues music. I started playing guitar at 7 when my dad turned me on to Stevie Ray Vaughn and BB King. Nobody knew I could play guitar until high school because I was embarrassed that I didn’t play Green Day.

I am addicted to mixing genres and influences. There is a specific balanced sound and context I am after. I am not yet equipped with putting exact words to it but I know it when I am close. 


Simply put, I like pop (popular) music that has infectious beats and melodies. I have find myself loving a melody but thinking "these lyrics are wack". Am I the only one that feels this way?

I am finally making the music I've been wanting to hear for years. Music with a chill-funky groove that I can get down and feel on a vibrational level with lyrics that I'm proud to hear my kids singing. You can go deep into self reflection with my music or have fun and just feel it. I am sick of songs that are sonically good but are just plain dumb, demeaning, and lack the human experience.

I believe we can have both. Let's party and also be aligned with what we say.

Words are powerful.


Conceptual adjectives of my music:

Honest, free-thinking, sensible, passionate, thoughtful, earnest, down-to-earth, introspective


I am getting out of my own way more than ever.

 To find ones purpose.

Chad Blogs

Making my album on facebook live

Unlike most Pop records this one is crafted grass-roots style in my Ohio home studio with a small team of people that mean the world to me. Witness my intuition and attention to detail as I share my writing and recording process on facebook live. I want you there and creating with me. Meet my family, musician team, and partners that each play a specific role in the success of my self-titled 2020 release. Help me get this thing done! I appreciate you. If you would like to support me you can pre-order my album HERE.
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